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Shaft Grounding Systems

Could state-of-the-art shaft grounding systems help out your business? Are your power utilities at risk for lightning strikes? Do you want to ensure your telecommunication equipment never fails due to electrical problems? Great! We’re Sustainable Ground Systems, and we’d be perfect for you! We offer the absolute best in lightning protection and prevention. We provide: -Soil resistivity testing -Engineering assistance -CP corrosion system compatibility -Grounding system survey -VFD and motor shaft current -SCADA and monitoring disruptions -Transformer testing -Complete installation and testing -Ground fault analysis We’re essential for oil & gas, telecommunications, power utilities, and more. If you have any structures that are large and in wide-open areas, they’re at risk for lightning strikes. These can absolutely devastate your equipment, and be expensive to repair. Not only that, but you lose all that potential revenue while your equipment is out of operation. Not with our amazing grounding systems! Our sophisticated computer programs will find the areas where your soil is the most conductive and will lay the blueprint for a state-of-the-art grounding system.

Lightning will never be a concern again!

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