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Sustainable Grounding Systems (SGS) is dedicated to providing integrated lightning protection and lightning prevention products through its strategic alliance partners to provide grounding solutions and services.

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Government & Military


There is a lightning-caused explosion at a mission critical federal government facility each and every year. Lyncole’s Grounding takes pride in delivering the highest quality Grounding, Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression, and Lightning Warning Systems to our military and government personnel and mission critical facilities. With some of SGS’s staff being retired military, this provides Lyncole with the knowledge and expertise critical for the unique needs of military projects.

Lyncole’s engineers use the National Electric Code, Civilian code: NFPA-780, Army code: PAM 385-64, Navy code: NAVSEA OP5, USAF codes: AFI 32-1065 and AFMAN 91-101, as well as the Department of Defense Explosives Standards Board (DDESB) DDESB standard: 6055.9 and all client specific standards to perform a wide range of survey and audits to ensure Total Site and Facility Protection.  This includes bonding of all adjacent conductive objects to ensure an equi-potential reference and proper grounding that provides a low impedance to earth. This process is vitally important in military installations to protect facilities and personnel in areas where explosives exist as well as to insure protection and proper operations in communications facilities common in military operations.

Lyncole has even established unique grounding kits for mobile radio operations. Lyncole engineers provide total site and mission critical facility protection including grounding, bonding, lightning protection, surge suppression, and lightning warning, for schools, local and state government, federal government, and military facility operations. This has resulted in consistent results with reliability, personnel safety and equipment performance.  Lyncole has the team and the technology for when the mission is critical.

SGS is trained and certified for grounding and grounding systems by Lyncole and is proud to be their strategic alliance partner.

Mining, Oil & Gas


Electronic VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives)  are extensively utilized by the Mining and Oil & Gas industries for the speed control of electric motors. Modern VFDs can create current backup and develop charges that can dissipate and/or spark unto various isolated areas. Such as motor shaft to bearings creating pre-mature bearing failure and potential ignition points. In addition these transient currents create fugitive noise that can disrupt wireless communications and SCADA systems.

Lightning is responsible for significant economic and personal costs in the Oil, Gas, & Mining industries. Risk reduction can be attained by utilizing the lighting hazard mitigation and a safety planning process.

SGS provides on-site detailed lighting hazard risk assessments where our team of engineers through our alliance partners gather all necessary data, make necessary observations, run soil tests and interview appropriate on-site personnel to fully complete the risk mitigation and safety planning assessment. This process is conducted with engineers knowledgeable in the requirements and recommendations of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) in the area of electrical safety and grounding, along with various accreditation services such as NEC, (National Electric Code) and UL. SGS can provide UL Compliant Certificate for your site by third party design firm.

Additionally, SGS Total Site and Facility Protection Systems include, grounding, lightning protection, surge suppression, and lightning warning systems leaving industry leaders with the confidence that they have done all they can to protect their personal, equipment, and operations.

SGS is trained and certified for grounding and grounding systems by Lyncole and is proud to be their strategic alliance partner.

Commercial & Industrial

Without a proper Grounding, Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression and a Lightning Warning system, you risk critical equipment failing when it is needed most. Every piece of electronic equipment found in an industrial and commercial environment is subjected to induced currents generated on the utility grid either inside or outside of a facility. Damage from electrical fault and transient currents occur from lightning, but more often occur from normal utility switching operations or from unintentional grounding of electrical conductors. These sudden power surge changes in the electrical circuit can be both internal and external. External sources are caused by: lightning, switching on/off of capacitor banks, power-line disconnection and reconnection, transformer switching on/off, power utility load switching, and poor quality of power transmission and distribution grids. While internal sources are caused by: circuit breakers or fuses, electric motors, air conditioners, and VFDs and uninterrupted power sources.

These transient overvoltage’s can cause failure, degradation, or temporary malfunction of electronic sensors, devices and systems. Therefore, it’s important to guard against these different threats to protect your personnel and equipment. SGS has solved these challenges with its Total Site and Facility Protection Systems in the Commercial and Industrial markets. Our site specific Grounding, Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression and Lightning Warning Systems provide for Total Site and Facility Protection.


Telecom & Data Centers

It goes without saying that Emergency Communication Operators play one of the most vital roles in the Telecom Industry. When disaster strikes we call 911, our family members and loved ones to make sure they are ok, and we turn on our laptops, computers, televisions and other electronic devices to get information on the latest breaking news. Although these systems are extremely capacious and reliable, they are not entirely protected when it comes to a potential lightning damage.

Downtime caused by transient currents and lightning faults can lead to costly damage or destruction of facilities. To ensure that downtime does not occur, it is important for the Telecommunication and Data Center Facility’s to protect their valuable and sensitive equipment. Proper grounding is key in eliminating downtime, but is often disregarded. True transient current and lightning protection starts from the ground up. Investing in quality grounding, lightning protection, surge suppression, and lightning warning technology will ensure that external surges and transient currents do not damage modern communications systems.

SGS specializes in customized grounding system design for Telecommunication and Data Center facilities. Our strategic alliance team of engineers are knowledgable in the special requirements set out in standards published by industry organizations such as the TIA, NEC, IEEE and even manufacturer requirements from communications equipment suppliers such as Harris and Motorola. Our full-time staff of engineers provides the full range of services from the design phase through the onsite installation. We understand the continually advancing wireless communications world requires the most advance systems available.


Power Generation / Utilities


Power generation, fossil, solar and nuclear are typically constructed in large, open, and unobstructed locations, making these systems highly susceptible to lightning strikes, direct discharges, nearby strikes to earth, and cloud to cloud discharges. This can result in catastrophic and incremental damage to the systems that control the power generation processes.  Damage effects on the electrical system caused by the long term exposure to repeated transient voltages may cause premature component failure, resulting in sizable repair and/or replacement costs, as well as lost power generation revenue.

Since operating systems for power generation and utility facilities reside in highly exposed environments, the quality of the facility protection systems is key to their continuing operations. These facility protection systems include proper low impedance grounding systems, potential equalization, and lightning protection systems. Properly maintaining and updating these systems will result in personnel safety, and equipment protection.

SGS uses strategic alliance partners  in the grounding industry for design. SGS installs, and verifies its total site and facility protection system which includes, grounding, lightning protection, surge suppression and lightning warning systems. SGS has over 30 years of experience in protecting the Power Generation and Utility industries with proven engineered results, not just equipment sales and guessing what is needed.

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